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Sofra Urbana Grill is built on the basis of tradition, family, and morality. Its creation came about so that we may share the dishes that are loved and cherished throughout our home country, Bosnia I Hercegovina. Each plate offered, has been pieced together with the utmost care in regards to flavor, freshness, and quality. Here at Sofra, we don’t see people just as customers, but as guests in our home. We are not motivated by the desire for wealth but by the hope that every guest walks away enriched by our culture and in love with our food. The Sofra is traditionally used as a round tray for a dining table. In the Bosnian culture, making food and dining together is the foundation of a happy family. The Sofra is filled with family recipes much like the cevapi, shopska salad, and burek we provide. We placed the Sofra from our family table onto the wall of our restaurant to bring that sense of togetherness to our guests.

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